IntelliGineering Corp.
We Engineer Knowledge!
IntelliGineering Corp. is a consulting and education firm based in Southfield, Michigan, specializing in the development of advanced software applications for Engineering and Business. IntelliGineering Corp. provides ...
n   Development of custom Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) applications
n Advanced software for automotive applications, including powertrain design and analysis
n Web site development (database-connected and e-Commerce enabled)
n Web application development
n Courses and Seminars on ...
l   Knowledge Based Engineering
l Creativity, Innovation and Invention for Engineers
l e-Commerce for Engineers
l e-Marketing: Web-Based Marketing for Business
l Website Design
l Virtual Reality and Virtual Manufacturing
n Training and Tutoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming, e-Commerce and Web Application Development, for students and professionals.